The Coach's Stick Award

The Coach’s Stick Award is a hand crafted made in America wood shaft that I completely customize by burning a pattern into the shaft, the coach’s stick award on one side and the year of the award on the other, and I top it off with a 2 or 3 tone stain job.

This wooden shaft is carried by the coach throughout the season keeping it in front of the players so they know what they’re working for. The player at the end of the season that the coach or coaches choose, receives the stick as an award for being the MVT (Most Valuable Teammate)

This award isn’t meant for the player with the most skills, or the player who scores the most goals, but its intended for the player that shows a true passion for the game and meets or exceeds the coaches expectations.

I try to look for the player that is always at practice on time ready to go, cheers on his teammates at practice and at games, pays attention during drills and does them at full speed, the player that helps collect balls and cones after practice, the player that never puts down he’s teammates but helps lift them up, and the player that’s simply the best overall teammate.


I’ve found that this really helps out the team because the more advanced players are more willing to help out the lessor skilled players, and the lessor skilled players don’t get discourage but are actually inspired knowing that at the end of the season they’ll have just as good a chance as any to win “The Coach’s Stick.”


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Not Just A Stick!